Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds For Home

Top 10 Largest Cat Breeds For Home

We all think that cats are small and lithe, but that’s not the case. There are some breeds which are quite large naturally in size and are still healthy. Here is a list of the largest cat breeds but they’re not actually big as you may think but they have a bigger size than the average domestic cat we have at our homes. Meet these ten sizable cat breeds for home.

1.Maine Coon

Size: Male- 15 to 25 pounds

Female- 8 to 12 pounds

If you’re planning to rear the largest cat breed, then you can consider the Maine Coon. The cat is capable of adapting well to several lifestyles, as well as personalities. This breed likes spending time with people and like the habit of following the owner around. Maine Coon like receiving attention but when you’re busy, the cat will be satisfied to supervise your doings. Maine Coon is the best sizable cat that is easy to keep.

The breed makes use of their big paws and no rodents will be safe in any home where the cat lives. Maine Coon like playing and spends most of the time retrieving small toys, balls or wadded-up pieces of paper. The cat can climb just like any other small cat but usually prefer staying on the ground level.

This breed is a great choice for family with children, as well as, cat-friendly dogs. You can get the breed in many colors or patterns. The cat is available in black, white or red, all tabby patterns and colors. Also, there is bi-color such as red and white or white and blue, and patterns such as tortoiseshell and calico. The cat is very easy to maintain, for instance, you need to trim the nails every couple of weeks and weekly brushing of teeth.

2.The Ragdoll

Size: Male- 12 to 20 pounds

        Female- 8 to 15 pounds

Do you need a quiet, laid-back cat? If so, then the Ragdoll will give you the best company you need. The pet is people-loving and she will love spending time with you when you’re at your home. A healthy pet can live up to 15 years and more. The pet loves their owner and they can collapse into your arms if you hold them. They love their people and like greeting their owners at the door and following people around the house.

Ragdoll is a docile pet but this doesn’t mean that the breed is docile. They like playing with toys and can enter into family activities. Something interesting about this breed is that, they learn very quickly and have good behaviors. The pet can remind their owner that it is mealtime with a small, sweet voice. The nice manners of the breed make it easy to live with them. Ragdoll is the most beautiful cat breed and very calm.

Their nails need to be trimmed weekly and wiping the dirty ears weekly is better than nothing. The cat also likes living with cat-friendly dogs and other cats, too.


4.Norwegian Forest Cat

Size: Male- 12 to 16.5 pounds

        Female- 7.7 to 8.8 pounds

 Norwegian Forest Catis a strong, muscular cat and loves companion and always looks like a hunter. The sweet, loving cat appreciates praises and likes to interact with his owner. She likes being territorial and a private room will make the cat to feel happy. Norwegian Forest Cat enjoys hiding, running, and ambushing her toys.

If you’re planning to keep the cat, then it will be a good idea to provide perches and rooms. She has abundant of fur and therefore grooming her daily is highly recommended. This will keep her coat free from knots and tangles. Don’t worry because the cat enjoys being groomed.

The cat likes to patrol several time each day. You will love this pet most because she likes to control her nutrition. The abundance of fur makes this breed to look even bigger than their size.

5.Americian Bobtail

 Size: Male- 12 to 16 pounds

       Female- 7 to 11 pounds

Do you want a cat with a distinctively wild look? Well, American Bobtail has a shortened tail as a result of a natural genetic mutation. Each tail is unique and some can have a shorter or longer tail between 1 to 4 inches long. Their bobtail is flexible and expressive but long enough to be visible above their back when the pet is alert.

The pet needs to be kept indoors to protect him from diseases spread by other pets. The natural beauty of the pet exposes them to the risk of theft. The size and energy level of American bobtail are a bit more than you can imagine. American bobtail is smart and enjoys puzzling toys, playing fetch and learning tricks. The cat can communicate his pleasure with clicks and trills, standard purr and meow.

They are suited to a variety of lifestyles, i.e. from a relaxed to rowdy. American bobtail is happy to live with other pets such as cats and cat-friendly dogs. The social and laidback nature makes this breed a great choice for families with kids.

Bengal Cat

Size: Male- 10 to 15 pounds

       Female- 8 to 12 pounds

Bengal is one of the best largest cat breeds you can rear because he is highly active and intelligent. The pet is fun to live with because he’s always alert. He’s a confident, talkative and a friendly one. He always ensures that nothing escapes his notice. Bengallikes playing games such as fetching and learning tricks.

This active cat will be plucking CDs from your DVD player that is why we can say that it is fun to live with him. The pet can also turn light switches on and off and the clever paws will risk the life of aquarium and pond fish. The short, thick coat of the cat makes them easy to be cared. Bathing is rarely necessary and daily dental hygiene is the best choice to prevent periodontal diseases.  

Bengal cat loves the attention of his owners and loves spending time with school-age children. Nothing can scare this cat and he can make friends with dogs as long as they don’t give him any trouble.


7.Siberian cat

Size: Male- 11 to 16 pounds  

        Female- 8 to 11 pounds

Get Siberian cat if you want a pet who loves people and want to spend time near their caretakers. You can expect that this affectionate cat will always follow you around. The pet will give you company all the way to the bathroom, computer work and meal prep. Siberianwill also be sitting in your lap as you comb his fur and this will highlight his day.

You will be interested in his meows and purrs and your guest will find that your cat is a genial host. Actually, Siberian is not a shy cat all even in presence of strangers. The pet likes to play with water because of his heritage as a forest dweller. You will find it funny when your pet splashes you in the tub or drinking from a faucet. This pet doesn’t necessary need a bath because the coat is highly water resistant. Weekly brushing of the teeth is highly recommended and trimming of the nails will be a nice idea.

8.The Birman

Size: Male- 10 to 15 pounds

        Female- 6 to 10 pounds

Get Birman today if you want a calm, affectionate feline and you’ll like the fact that the pet loves spending time with your family. You will like talking to your feline friend and she will be responding in a soft, pretty voice. This pet is less active and has a silky coat which doesn’t shed much. He needs to be combed twice in a week to keep the coat beautiful.

Other things which the pet requires is ear cleaning, tooth brushing, and regular nail trimming. Schedule veterinary cleanings is also important to prevent periodontal disease. The distinctive Roman nose makes Birman attractive. The feline is intelligent and loves interactive plays like puzzle toys. He is a docile pet but likes to explore his environment and loves to be trapped underneath floors. It can happily live in homes where there are children and cat-friendly dogs. Pet lovers will like the amiable disposition of this friendly, laidback feline.

9.Turkish Van

Size: Male- 12 to 16 pounds

        Female- 12 to 14 pounds

Do you feel lonely on your bed and want a cat that will like to sleep with you? Turkish Van is the pet you will like to live with. The cat can socialize well with members of the family especially if he’s properly socialized in kitten hood. But he’s funny enough because he can choose one or two people in the family as his favorites. The pet is highly active and can remain playful even into his senior years.

They love teaser toys and has wicked sense of humor. Traveling may or may not be a good choice to this animal. They have the tendency of vomiting, pooping or peeing in the car. He likes to play with water and owners should cover their swimming pools, spas and you should also put down the toilet seats. It is very easy to care this pet because they no undercoat that can cause tangles or mats. You can use a slicker brush to keep his coat beautiful.

10.British Shorthair

Size: Male -12 to 20 pounds


        Female-8 to 14 pounds 


You’ll love the easygoing personality of British Shorthair. He has a large round head, rounded paws and round eyes. The tail also has a rounded tip and he will like to be around the owner on the sofa. The coat needs to be rushed or combed two to three times a week. Trimming his nails is highly recommended and keeping the ears clean is a great idea.  

The mellow and easygoing personality makes British Shorthair an excellent family companion. He will always set nearby wherever you stop so you can expect this pet to be around you and house during the day. You should teach your little ones to treat the cat politely and with respect. It will be a wise idea to keep your pet indoor only to protect him from attacks by dog and diseases spread by other cats.

If you want to choose a large, domestic cat breed, then ensure that you have more room and space that can allow them to move since they tend to be a bit more active. Remember that caring for a domestic cat is a lifetime commitment. You can rear these largest cat breeds if you have time for them since they crave for attention but you’ll love that, they’re intelligent and non-destructive


If you want to choose a large, domestic cat breed, then ensure that you have more room and space that can allow them to move since they tend to be a bit more active. Remember that caring for a domestic cat is a lifetime commitment. You can rear these largest cat breeds if you have time for them since they crave for attention but you’ll love that, they’re intelligent and non-destructive.

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