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Top 10 Best Pet Cameras

Have you ever wondered what happens to your pets when you are away?Leaving your beloved pets at home can be stressful regardless of how long you are away.At the back of your mind, you hope that they will be fine, but you aren’t 100% sure.The days that you would ask your neighbor to watch over your pets are long gone.Consider investing in one of these pet cameras as we have analyzed and listed Top 10 best pet cameras as per customer Reviews and Ratings

10.Zmodo EZCam Pro – 1080p HD Wireless Kid

The Zmodod EZCam does not only have great features, but it is also affordable.It gives you 24/7 access to live video. You will receive motion detection alerts,so you will be updated with whatever your pet is up to.The on-demand view feature gives you a clear picture of your lovely pet back at home.In addition to the 720 pixel video camera,the device records clips generated by motion alerts.The footage remains on the camera’s cloud for 36 hours for free.You are however allowed to buy additional subscription to allow you non-stop recording.The initial plan enables users to view, save and share the footage at all times.In the end, thus reduces false alerts with the cloud intelligence.

9.SAFEVANT HD Wifi IP Camera Surveillance Camera

The Safevant HD camera offers a striking 3600 full view camera.You can tilt the camera up to 1000 vertically and 3500 horizontally.You can monitor your pet using real-time monitoring apps that are free for android phone users.The camera allows you to talk to your pet and get their response.It is easy to setup for new users and it features motion detection.

8.KEEKOON 1080P Security Camera

If you are usually out at night, the KEEKOON 1080P Security Camera is the best option for you.It features superior night vision that makes communication and monitoring with your pet easy at night.The camera is full HD 2.0 megapixel piece.It has two-way audio, meaning that you can communicate with your beloved pet and hear their responses on real time.The camera will notify you in case of any suspicious motions.That way, you know where your pet is at all times.

7.itTiot 720P HD Indoor WiFi Home Surveillance IP Camera

If you are looking with a superior camera that offers night vision, the itTiot 720P HD Indoor WiFi Home Surveillance is all you require.The security camera has a 120 degree wide lens. You will have to download the app to use with the camera after you purchase it.One of the best features of the itTiot is that the “Pan and tilt”.This means that it may be tilted to create a full 355 coverage and 4 times digital zoom.There are 8 presets that are easily adjustable.It is compatible with most devices, including android and iOS. The camera also offers 24/7 video recording.You can save these videos and play them on your Mac or windows laptop.The SD card slot can support 128GB.In case someone steals your camera, you will be able to know what happened.

6.Petcube Bites Pet Camera

From the Petcube app you can clearly see your pet in clear HD and night vision, fling treats, say hello using two-way talk, and get motion and sound alerts.Very Durable as this cam will look good in any interior,comes with a high capacity two-pound container.Petcube Bites is the first home camera to work with both Amazon Alexa and Amazon Dash Replenishment.You just ask Alexa to treat your pet and even reorder treats. Every Petcube Bites purchase comes with free Wellness brand treats.

5.Light bulb camera security 1080p wifi wireless smart spy Bulb camera

One thing that stands out about this camera is that the light camera does not require assembly or use of power adapters.All you need to do is to attach it in the typical bulb holder and connect it to the wi-fi.It’s super easy to connect the camera to wi-fi.Now that it offers 3600 view,you cannot find any blind spots.It has motion detection function and gives you push alerts.

4.RCA Pet Camera for Dog & Cat Parents – Wifi Pet Security Camera

This is an awesome camera that features wi-fi, tilt, zoom and remote pan.It is easy to set up, so you don’t have to worry about the initial installation.You can record long videos and snap some photos on your mobile device.This is an ideal device to use when connecting to your pet,especially because of the temperature and motion detection.The 2-way talk feature which helps you to communicate with your pet no matter where you are. Infrared night vision ensures you won’t miss a thing, no matter what time of day.

3. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera

Pawbo life is good for more than the communication advantages.The design is made with the idea that pet owners should stay in touch with their pet all the times.To achieve this, the pet camera includes a live streaming package and a treat dispenser.This will enable you to reward your beloved pet even in your absence. If you want a more exhaustive watch over your pet, you can download the app, which allows you to receive notifications from the camera. Such features include temperature, motion and sound.Such data may be used to detect if your lovely pet is not feeling well.

2.Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser

Do you miss or feel like your pet misses you when you are not in the house? Your imaginations are true, and you can substantiate them when you buy the Petzi camera.The camera is not very noticeable but it offers everything you would want in a pet camera. The camera is easy to integrate into your home.All you need is to download an app that will enable you to watch your pet and even take pictures of them.

1.Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio

Topping our list is the Furbo Dog Camera.It offers great designs than most of the pet cameras in the market. It is tall and angular with a white finish camera.It offers enough space that one can use to store some goodies for their pets.It features an HD camera that has great night vision.It boasts of a 120 degrees angle view that enables you to view all corners of your room.


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