Bulldogology Dog Car Seat Covers 100% Waterproof Hammock Car Seat Cover for Pets – Heavy Duty Scratch Durability, Nonslip Backing, Quilted, Padded, Pet Seat Covers for Cars, Trucks, Vans, and SUVs

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Keep Your Car Clean and Your Dog Happy with Bulldogology Premium Dog Seat Covers for Cars!

From trips to the park to checkups at the vet, your dog is your most loyal Go back and forth companion.
But with dirty paws, shedding hair and sharp claws, your furry friend can take a toll on your
car’s interior – not to mention the stains and odors left by bathroom accidents.

Bulldogology Pet Solutions introduces our Car Seat Covers, specially designed to get up against even
the most rambunctious dogs! Measuring in at 60″x64″, adjustable straps permit you to fit the
backseat cover to cars, trucks and SUVs. Entirely waterproof, our
covers are a should-have for all types of weather or impromptu bathroom breaks.

With foam anchors and silicon backing, the non-slip design is perfect for long car trips or
restless puppies that just can’t sit down still! Velcro openings also accommodate seatbelts and
baby seats for added versatility. Super easy to use, the covers install and remove in under 30
seconds, wipe clean with a damp cloth, and can thrown in the washing machine.

All pet owners like to treat their dog to the most productive! That’s why we used 3 layers of double
stitched Oxford to create our covers. Soft yet durable, they even feature side flaps to
ensure your backseats are completely secure.

Why Choose Our Seat Covers?

Completely waterproof
Feature non-slip silicon
Install in 30 seconds
Machine washable
Soft, durable materials

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Plus when you order now, you’ll be able to get our Free Dog Go back and forth Guide Checklist and our Free Seat Belt Dog Harness to prevent your Dog from moving around all through your travels!

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