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Best Scratching Post For Cats

Cats are good house animals, and most people prefer to have them in their homes because they are well known as one of the cleanest animals. Another primary characteristic of cats is scratching. Cats tend to scratch for several reasons such as, to mark their area, to sharpen their claws, they also scratch to make a good place for them to stretch fully. Scratching can be destructive since one may lose their good furniture, mats and other good belongings due to these. Hence for one to avoid this, one can consider purchasing the best scratching posts for cats. There are several scratching posts for cats some of which are:

1.The ultimate scratching post.

The post is 32-inch long; this helps the cat to stretch fully vertically. The post is made using suitable materials, and by experts hence this will help ensure that it lasts for a long time and also look good. The base is 16*16 inches.


• The product lasts long due to the quality of the products used to make it.
• Much easy to put the post together.
• The sisal used is long-lasting and attractive, it also allows scratching.
• It has a broad base hence preventing it from falling and injuring the cats.

2.The PetFusion 3-sided vertical cat scratcher

The scratcher is put together piece by piece hence ensures its durability. It acts as both a scratcher as well as a play area. The PetFusion is of dimension 18*10*16 and weighs 4.5 pounds.


• It has a six months’ warranty
• The design of this scratcher helps the cat to stretch horizontally and also useful for playing entirely.
• Made of recycled cardboard, this is good for the cats since they love its feel

3.Forte cat scratching post.

It is 41-inch tall and is long lasting such that several cats can use it at a go without destroying it. It is wrapped by sisal which ensures the cat’s safety during their time of play and also when scratching. It is easy to put together the post. The base is quite easy to clean.


• It offers a one-year warranty.
• It is a long-lasting stretching post for cat scratching.
• It measures 19* 19 *41 inches.
• It weighs 22.1 pounds

4.claws jute tripod scratching post

The post is 30 inches tall. It is tall enough to allow your cat to scratch and stretch easily. The post has legs that are 21 inches apart. The design of this post allows the cat to stretch and scratch in different ways. The post is made of aluminum hence its durability. It is easy to put together the post.


• The design of the post allows for different scratching and stretching postures for the cats.
• It will enable the cats to stretch vertically due to its design fully.
• It is long lasting due to the nature of the materials used to make it.
• It weighs 4.8 pounds
• The product dimensions are 21*21*30 inches

5.Dimaka tall cat scratching post

The post is 37-inch-tall and its square base is 18 inches. The post has white sisal which is good for the cat when scratching, it is long lasting, and when it is worn out, it can always be replaced by new sisal. The base of the post is a square hence very stable and minimizes the risk of the occurrence of an accident. It is also easy to move the post from one location to another.


• The post is of dimension 18*18*37 inches.
• It weighs 6 pounds.
• Easy to put together the post.
• It has five different color choices.
• The post is covered with sisal to enhance good scratching by cats.
• The base is made of comfortable cover to ensure the safety of the cats.

6.Sofa scratcher cat scratching post

It is an excellent post when kept next to a sofa more preferably under the couch as it will help save your furniture but also help your cat stretch. It is available in five different colors hence one can choose one that matches your décor. The product is easy to assemble; sisal fabric also covers it.


• It weighs 5.6 pounds
• The product dimensions are 25* 10.5* 2 inches
• The product manufacturer is cat Trees.

7.North American pet classy kitty

The post is of dimensions 17*17*31.5 inches. The classy kitty has various color choices mostly from beige and different shades of brown.It is 30 inches measuring just the vertical post. Measuring from the floor to the top of the post adds about an inch and a half to the total height. The post is 4 inches in diameter, and the base is square, about 16.5 inches per side.


• The product weighs 7.6 pounds.
• Cleaning by use of a vacuum is easy.
• The manufacture of the product is pet partners’ dba North American pet.

8.Ultimate scratching postmodern tree

The scratch post is 35.5 inches helping the cat have a full stretch and scratch. The post is covered by sisal rope which is of good quality hence lasts for long and ensures the cats have a good scratch. The post has an added advantage; at the top of the post is a comfortable cat bed where the cat can have a good rest after a nice stretch and scratch.

• It has a very tall post. The post is quite tall hence ensures the cat has a good scratch and stretch.
• The post is covered by a natural sisal fiber to ensure the durability of the post and a good scratch for cats.
• It is effortless to put together the post since all that is needed is packaged together.
• It has a cat comfortable bed at the top, and the cat can relax as well as view what is below.
• It weighs 15.26 pounds.
• The product dimensions are 16.3*12.3*7.7 inches.
• The product manufacturer is Essentials and Beyond

9.CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post

This post is manufactured with Premium Pressed Cardboard,which helps your cat to stretch and scratch.This The scratching post is 26″ tall,which is designed to appeal to your cat’s natural instinctive,allows enough room and comfortable scratching postion.


•Tall vertical surface accommodates vertical scratching and stretching

•stainless steel mounting hooks for trouble free installation and replacement

•Created with Premium Pressed Cardboard,The scratching post is dense and durable

•Modern, minimal and space saving solution to your cats’ scratching needs

10 .YOOGAO Pet cat scratcher

It is a scratcher that can be used in Collapsable 3 different ways; one can change it at any given time. Cats need to get a full stretch for territorial marking purposes and toning muscles. A big and long enough scratching cardboard, would satisfy their needs.


• The product dimensions are 44 *13.6 *1.6 inches.

• It weighs 3.4 pounds.

• It has good cardboard which is always cats favorite. It is long and large.

• The materials used to make it are recyclable.

Scratching is a good thing for cats since it helps them to sharpen their nails, to mark their territory, to exercise their muscles among other reasons hence it is good to allow them to scratch. The best way to let the cats to scratch and stretch without destroying your belonging is to consider purchasing one of the best scratching posts for cats.

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