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10 Most popular Dog Breeds

In America over 60 million households are home to over 85 million dogs as pets. Dog’s have been part of our lives for hundreds of years and as time has gone on we as human’s have bred them to fulfill specific purposes in our lives as companions and co-workers in many respective fields. Because of these specialized skills that have been bred for over generations there are currently 192 individual dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Population for certain breeds has fluctuated over the years but there is no doubt with so many dogs of different shapes and sizes they are the most popular pet here in the United States. Here is the current top 10 list of dog breeds in America

1.) Labrador Retriever

Having been the most popular dog since 1991 these outgoing, friendly and eager to please dogs are a common household choice. Bred as a friendly companion and useful working dog, historically they have held jobs as fisherman’s helpers and hunting retrievers. Not only do they do well in a home but their skill set makes them amazing working dogs as well for a variety of tasks including guide dogs, search and rescue and disability service dogs.

2.) German Shepard

Number two on America’s top ten list is the German Shepard. It’s obedience, train-ability and intelligence made these dogs wonderful family pets as well as working dogs. Their size allows for them to be trained as guide dogs, disability assistant animals, search and rescue dogs and serve as military and police dogs as well. German Shepard’s have also excelled as drug detection dogs, are competitive in the obedience ring and have proven time and time again to be great protection dogs.

3.)Golden Retriever

Though their primary use was originally for hunting, and amazing hunting partners they are, their smarts and hard work ethic makes Golden’s get the third spot on this list. Patient and playful, they make great pets and work partners for everyday life. These dogs are capable, confident and tolerant which tends to make them great family pets, particularly for families with young children or children with disabilities. Breeders commonly call these dogs ‘golden angels’ due to their gorgeous coats and gentle temperament.

4.) French Bulldog

Though their name implies being from France, these spunky little dogs are actually from Nottingham, England. While in their past the breed was known for being a good ratting dog they have enjoyed a life of companionship in recent history. Being good with small children as well as their playful nature and curious natures makes them an ideal family pet and solidifies them as the number 4 spot on the list.Their bat like ears and snoring (typical to flat faced breeds) only adds to their charisma

5.) Beagle

Another dog bred for hunting, the beagle is a sociable dog that enjoys living and working in a pack, be that human or canine. Their original job was as a scent dog, hunting and tracking small game such as rabbit and hare but in recent years this hardy and compact dog has found a place in peoples homes as an entertaining and quirky companion. They can be a bit more difficult to train due to their nature as a scent dog but make great family pets. Their smaller size makes them a common choice for family’s looking for a dog that can adventure with their dog.

6.) Poodle

Next on the list are poodles. These dogs come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature and toy. With a variety of solid colors and acceptable grooming options they are the chameleons of the dog world. Smart and eager to please, they are good runners and swimmers and enjoy being active with their families. They strive on socialization and activities including swimming, running and agility.

7.) Rottweiler

One of the oldest working breeds available today, the rottweiler can be traced back to herding and protecting livestock since the days of the Roman Empire. Though media often portrays these loyal dogs in a negative light they are calm, confident and courageous. Their breeding combines strength and intelligence in such a way that they are suitable and adapted to many different life styles

8.) Yorkshire Terrier

While small dogs aren’t for everyone the Yorkie’s courage and confidence gives you a big dog’s demeanor in a small dogs body. Those very same qualities make it a great pet for bustling cities. Known for it’s silken coat, the Yorkshire Terrier is a breed that requires a great deal of care and attention to maintenance. In spite of that they make amazing dogs for singles and families with their robust attitude and energetic nature.

9.) German Shorthaired Pointer

Our third hunting dog to make the list, the German Shorthair, is a great pet for active individuals and families. A natural retriever, this medium to high energy sporting dog enjoys both land and water activities and excel at swimming due to webbing between their toes. With their striking but easy to care for coat they are an attractive dog that lives well with an active lifestyle which accommodates for their energy needs.

10.) Boxer

After a recent boom in interest after World War II, the boxer has turned into one of the most sought after dogs for pets in America. Rounding out our list at number 10 this dog is one of our youngest breeds, recognized by the AKC in 1904.

No matter where yo live or what kind of life style you have there are over 190 registered breeds for you to pick from. If you find yourself unable to choose then contact local rescues and breeders. Many, if not all, will be more than happy to introduce you to their breed or breeds and help you pick the right canine for your life. There are dogs ranging from a mere 2 pounds all the way up to a massive 180 pounds or more as well as activity levels across the board. From couch potato’s to active dogs that need daily work and runs to keep their mind’s active you’re sure to find the right animal to suit your living situation.

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