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10 Best Small Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Hair shedding is common among canines, whether big or small.The old and damaged hair on dogs is usually replaced by new ones.The frequency of the hair shedding and the amount of hair shred is determined by the dog’s breed and its health status.Changes in weather also cause hair loss in dogs.During winter, most dogs will grow thick coats and then shed them during summer.It is correct to say that small dogs are cute, playful, and loving.However, dealing with their shred hairs can sometimes be a bother because the dog owner has to keep cleaning the shed hair, and this task could consume a lot of time.This is why most dog owners choose non-shedding dogs.The following is a list of the 10 best small dog breeds that don’t shed


This is one of the most charming, affectionate, gentle, and playful dog breeds.Most people who want pets choose this dog because of their personality.Its name stands for the terms “little white dog of Havana.”The dog is social. It would therefore not be advisable to leave it alone for a long time.The best thing about this dog breed is that it has a long silky coat that does no shred.This means that the owner gets to spend little time cleaning the dog. However,for the Havanese dogs to remain healthy and clean, they have to get cleaned and brushed regularly,at least once a week.

2.Cairn Terrier

This dog breed might seem familiar for most people because it appears in the movie The Wizard of OZ. has many unique qualities.For example, they have a small, free-moving, and short-legged body with a side head.The canines also have a double coat that is harsh and wiry on top and downy beneath.Additionally, the dog is always alert, independent, and intelligent.They have a curious nature that qualifies them as constant explorers.However, they can also be stubborn, and that is why they need constant training.They do not shed a lot.Therefore, their grooming is very easy. All they need is a weekly brush.

3.Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu dogs are unique in that they have a history of being pets of royalty.These little lion dogs used to be pets in the Tang Dynasty,it is quite obvious that their long silky non-shredding hair was one of the main reason why the people from the Tang kingdom loved these dogs.One might assume that the dog is arrogant due to its proud bearing and curling tail.However, the Shih Tzu dogs have a gentle and trusting nature, and this trait makes them excellent pets.

4. Maltese

This dog breed has been popular for the past twenty-eight decades.The long white coats that shred less hair makes the Maltese dogs makes them ideal lap dogs. However, the pet owner needs to regularly brush and wash the dog’s hair to prevent it from being damaged by matting dirt and debris.


This hypoallergenic dog breed has a non-shredding trait.You will also find this dog in most shows and competitions.Some people say that the dog’s clear and elaborate skin is a symbol of leisure and luxury. However, looking at its history makes this assumption wrong.The poodle was bred for hunting.Today, the dog is obedient, friendly with people, and also excellent in alertness, and this makes it a perfect pet companion.Just because the dog does not shed hair does not mean that it should not be groomed. Regular cleaning and blushing help to maintain the canine’s neatness and good looks.

6.Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the best Small Dog Breeds that do not shred.It can be described as cheerful, affectionate, and tomboyish.The dog is listed as the seventh most popular dog in America because of its many traits.First, they have a beautiful silky coat; they do not shed their hair and have a small size, which makes it easy to brush their fur. Historically, the Yorkshire Terrier breed hunted rats in the English clothing mills.Due to their history, they always run down rodents as they sit on the owner’s laps

7. Bichon Frise

The coat hair of this dog breed can be accurately described as powder-puff.The Bichon Frise dog is preferred as a pet by a lot of people because of its non-shredding trait combines with its affectionate and playful nature.If you are an allergic person, then this is the best dog to go for,it is important to note that the dog still needs to be maintained despite the less problems cleaning it.As the owner, you need to frequently wash, blush, and groom its hairs which grow continuously.

8.Chinese Crested

This dog breed has two types of coats.There is the hairless type and the powder-puff coat type.The dogs with the hairless coat type only have hair on their head, feet, and tail while those with the powder-puff coat have fine hairs.When these two dogs are compared, the one with the powder-puff coat sheds more hair than the one with the hairless coat.However, the hairless Chinese crested dogs might be affected by extreme heat and cold due to their short hair.Therefore, dog owners with this type of pet are advised to take good care of them during extreme weather conditions.

9. Brussels Griffon

The other dog on the list of the 10 Best Small Dog breeds that do not shred is the Brussels Griffon.One fantastic thing about this dog is that either has the smooth or the rough coat, which are both very appealing.Its skin shreds minimally, thus making it easy to clean.It is also loyal to its owner and family members.The owner needs to spend a lot of time with this canine because of its demand for constant companionship.For example, you can have some indoor playtime or take a walk.You will be creating the connection and at the same time helping the small dog maintain its health and fitness.Frequent grooming is required to maintain the beauty of the dog’s coat.

10. Affenpinscher

In German, this name means “monkey-like terrier, “meaning the oldest toy breeds.The dog is black, cute, bold and curious.Its other characteristics include, fearless, loving, caring and protective, particularly for its family members.It is also known for shedding very little hair.The wiry coat is also odorless and has easy-to-maintain hair.However, you need to brush it with a slicker brush or comb weekly.

There are many reasons why people love small non-shredding dogs.For example, some individuals are allergic to dog hair, and having a shredding dog around would worsen their health condition.Secondly, cleaning the dog hair is a time-consuming task, and a person might not have that time at hand.If you want a pet, there are many options to choose from,to either buy or adopt.Whether you like a dog for its color, size, or its personality, you need to make the right choice because the dog could be your friend and companion for life.The above is the list of the best non-shredding dog breeds that you can choose from.

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