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Top 10 Cat Cages in 2018

As a cat enthusiast, lover and friend, one may have several reasons as to why they may need to cage a cat.It may be a stray, a rescue or even a little aggressive and unfriendly to fellow fur buddies.Without regarding these reasons,we always want what is best for the cat,and here to help you pick the best cage for your cat is the top ten cat cages.

1.The Cat Playpen from Midwest Homes

After assembly this cage measures thirty-six inches long,twenty-four inches and fifty inches high.It is quite easy to assemble for a cage its size and it is strong and durable making it hard for a cat to find its way out.It is quite roomy and can house 3-4 cats of around 15 pounds.Due to its small wire spacing,this cage is conducive for raising kittens and sizable enough to house the mother cat too.It has wheels making it easy to move around and it collapses conveniently for disassembly.

2. Deluxe Cat Home from Prevue Pet Products

This easy to assemble cage sizes at forty-three inches long, twenty-four inches wide and sixty-six inches high.Made from aluminum this cage is sturdy and secure.The interior is well designed for play and rest of cats.It is roomy and can house 2-3 large cats or a mother cat and its kittens.It is fitted with wheels which makes it easy to move.

3. IRIS Wire Pet Cage

This cage is easy to assemble and stands at twenty-five inches long,thirty-six and half inches wide and seventy inches high.This large three tier cage is suitable for large cats and also convenient for separating fighting cats. It has a removable tray which makes cleaning easy.It has thick powder coated wire that makes it durable and sturdy.Pre-installed wheels and wheel stoppers make it easy to move and hold in position respectively.

4. Yaheetech Four-Tier Cat Cage

This sizable cage measures at 31 inches long, 22 inches wide and 47 inches high.It has four floors and three ladders which is quite a deal judging from its pocket friendly price.It has an easy to remove tray which makes it easy to clean.It is beautiful and secure with two doors which are bolted shut.It is durable and constructed with rustproof metal.It is suitable for growing cats and is furnished appropriately with a hammock and benches for cat play.

5.ProSelect Customizable Cat Cage

This large cage measures thirty-five inches long, twenty-two inches wide and forty-eight inches high. It is really secure and safe for cats that are left home alone. With no pinch points this cage is paw friendly and comfortable for cats. It has customizable perches that can be placed at ideal heights for the cats to exercise on. With a removable plastic tray at the bottom this cage is easy to clean. The assembly of this contraption is primarily easy. This also includes optional casters that ease movement.

6. Yescom Pet Wire Cage

This cage is quite large measuring 51 inches by 36 inches by 22 inches. It is quite steady since the mainframe is constructed with rectangular tubes. The cage is robust and the sturdy metal wire makes it a suitable cat playpen. It is beautifully customized with two ladders and a hammock, and also two sizable doors for entry and exit for cats. Unlike the removable tray installed on most cages, the Yescom pet cage has a slide out tray which makes cleaning an easy job. The four installed casters make moving the cage really easy.

7. Paney Folding Cat Home 3 Level Cat Cage

An exquisite cage with a general size of 37 inches long, 23 inches wide and 52 inches high.It consists of two sizable doors; one at 20 inches wide, 18 inches high and the other at 15 inches wide, 18 inches high. It is beautifully customized with a ladder and two large trays for the cats to rest on.It is easy to clean with two removable trays and big doors that makes it easy to reach in.It is very roomy and can house up to two large cats. It collapses easy making storage convenient.It has six installed wheels that makes it easy to move and store.

8.Topeakmart 4-Tier Foldable Cat Home Cages

This large four floor cage is quite simple to assemble and sizes at 31 inches long, 21 inches wide and 47 inches high and weighs about 36 pounds. Constructed from iron, this cage is sturdy and secure for feisty cats. It has double swing doors that ease access into the cage and are latched to increase safety. It is customized wonderfully inside with 3 ladders and soft hammocks for the cats to play with. A slide-out tray makes cleaning easy and effective. It has four durable casters installed to ease portability and storage.

9.Live best Folding Pet Cage Heavy Duty Dog Cat House

This 3-step cage is large measuring 37 inches long, 24 inches wide and 52 inches high.This cage can house several cats or kittens without crowding them out.It is safe for cats and comfortable for their paws with no pinch points.This live best cage is easy to assemble and sturdy due to the rails and clips that hold it together,and the rustproof steel that is used to make the cage.It is fitted with wheels to ensure ease of movement.

10.Homey Pet Wire Cage

Generally sizing at sizing at 36 inches long, 23 inches wide and 51 inches high, this cage weighs around 45 pounds.It is fervently customized with a hammock, two shelves and two ladders which give the cats ample play exercise.The cage is easy to assemble and disassemble without the requirement of tools.It is fitted with lockable casters that ease portability and storage.The cage is stable and sturdy and provides safety for the cats.


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