YOUTHINK Pet Fountain Ceramic Cat Water Fountain 2.1L Pet Water Drinking Bowl for Cats and Dogs with Replacement Filters and Foam Price: $100.99 $76.99 (as of 17/05/2019 05:05 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

ATTRACT YOUR CAT ON THE FIRST GLANCE – The beautiful design and fountain water fascinate the pet, even the fearful pet will never be frightened as it runs completely silently

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ATTRACT YOUR CAT ON THE FIRST GLANCE – The beautiful design and fountain water fascinate the pet, even the fearful pet will never be frightened as it runs completely silently without noise. The Lotus / Globe offers 360° area for drinking so that animals can drink from the waterfall, the ball as well as from the surface. WITH FLOWING WATER, HIGH-FREQUENCY DRINK – Cats love running water, so this drinking water impels your pet with flowing water to drink more. You no longer need to move the water tap and have to worry that your cats not drink.CARBON FILTER & FOAM FILTER FOR WATER QUALITY – It keeps hair and debris. By filtering and circulating the water, it keeps the water fresh and clean for longer. Water is softened. The odors of the water can be eliminated and the taste is improved, which animates again pets to drink more.CERAMIC DESIGN, BEAUTIFUL LOTUS / BALL DECORATION – Made of high-quality ceramic, it makes a decoration at home. Cats like to play with it and in the end drink more water. The ceramic material protects your pet from the pity of plastic or other synthetic material.COMPACT AND CONVENIENT – With 2.1L huge capacity, your pets can drink about a week, which is especially suitable for travel lovers. In addition, the ceramic is heavy so that fountain can not be easily overturned by your pets.Have you ever worried about that your pets may drink water from some unclean water resources when you are out?Have you ever worried about that your pets may get allergic to those plastic drinking fountains.Now YOUTHINK Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain can solve all the problems you’re concerned.High-quality ceramic, fashionable lotus design.The fountain is made in ceramic, which is high-quality and super easy to clean. Fascinates your pet and make an amazing decoration at your home as well.
HEALTHY & HIGH QUALITY: The cat fountain is made of high quality natural ceramic, eco-friendly and non-toxic, avoid pets sensitivity to plastic, this ceramic water fountain help resolve the plastic allergy problem for your pets, keep them healthy and growing happy
3 WATER DRINKING WAYS & BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: drinking from the top; waterfall drinking; 360 degree water drinking; The beautiful design attract your pet at the first glance, pets love running water, this drinking water fountain makes your pet drinking more
AUTOMATIC CIRCULATING & DOUBLE LAYER FILTER: Automatic pet water dispenser keep water much fresher than normal cat water bowl; Ultra-fine foam filters filter thick impurities, hair and dust comprehensively, insured water clean; The coconut shell activated carbon secondly filters deep purify again, keep the water fresh and clean
SUPER SILENT & LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: You can’t barely hear the water flow with the silent submersible water pump, quiet operation even work for 20,000 hrs; Even the timid pet will never be frightened by the pet water fountain; Low power consumption, only 1.5 degree a month
STURDY & CONVENIENT: 2.1L large capacity cat water fountain suitable for several pets drinking for 5-7 days, especially suitable for travel lovers; Ceramic water bowl is sturdy design, not easy to break and knock over