Kavallerie PRO-K Soft No Turn Bell Boots Ultimate Hoof Protection, with Anti-Spin Fastening System, Durable & Prevents Overreaching

$34.95 (as of September 30, 2018, 3:04 am)

No More Turning and Spinning with Kavallerie PRO-K Soft No Turn Horse Bell Boots!

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No More Turning and Spinning with Kavallerie PRO-K Soft No Turn Horse Bell Boots!

For bell boots, we are all very particular with one non-slip and non-spin functionality, one with great holds and would not let you down on your activities with your horse. Kavallerie just designed one for you! A must-have comfortable pair giving your horse legs the protection it needs from brushing and overreaching.



High-Quality Material

Easy to Use

Shock absorbing

Easy Maintenance


Extra Extra Large

Extra Large







Kavallerie offers a 3-month refund policy, your satisfaction is always our priority so if you encounter any problem with our product, we will immediately process your refund request with NO questions asked.

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Kavallerie has incorporated 3 key elements into every Kavallerie product: Protection, Comfort, and Utility for both horse and rider. Our main priority is you and your horse’s safety without compromising comfort and practicality. We are constantly striving to exceed the expectations of current riders and lead the way towards the future.”Ride to Victory with Kavallerie & Experience Excellence in Motion!”

✅ NO TURN BELL BOOTS & SLIPPAGE PREVENTION – Encloses your horse legs securely with a strong and thick strap bands closure to prevent spinning during activities and performances that require extreme movements. It stays firmly in place providing strike plates with non-slip properties. The soft rolled lining prevents sores and rubs that causes extreme irritation of the horse hoof.
✅ SHOCK- ABSORBING & IMPACT PROTECTION – Covers the entire hoof for maximum protection against injuries on the coronary band of your horse legs and allows great flexibility in movement making it easier for a horse to overreach and spring when jumping or working on muddy or slippery surfaces. The protective core prevents adverse effects of intense horse riding activities and ensures even pressure distribution.
✅ DURABLE & EASY TO USE – High-quality, heavy duty and water-resistant material that is suitable for any weather conditions. Easy to put on and take off with a quick-release touch-tape system for your convenience.
✅ BREATHABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – Designed with lightweight neoprene material, which provides a high level of comfort to your horses.It also protects the horse’s lower leg or hoof from self-inflicted impacts, knocks, and abrasions and scratches. Breathable with micro-perforated holes to avoid overheating.
✅ EASY MAINTENANCE – Made up of easy-care neoprene, so you can just hose it off every after use, then hand or machine wash at no more than 30° C. For questions and sizing queries, you can reach us anytime at support@mykavallerie.com, our best customer support will be there to assist you! Add this to your tack collection and make your horse happy!

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