Dog Calming Bites – all Natural 180 Bars Human Grade Pet Anxiety Relief Treats with Hemp, Chamomile, Passion Flower, Vegetables and Fruits – Calm Food Chews Anti Stress Relaxing Supplements by Petipet Price: $25.00 (as of 17/05/2019 04:45 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping.

Happy customers report how this all-natural blend is finally bringing peace to their house.

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Happy customers report how this all-natural blend is finally bringing peace to their house.

For doggy parents who demand safety and excellence, these 100% organic Calming Bites are made only of “Human Grade” ingredients to naturally mellow any high stress dog without sedating them. And they taste great…we know, we’ve tried them, and even share them with our dogs! As you take a look at the pictures you’ll notice the soft chewy texture that dogs are gobbling down. These all natural bars work with your pup’s own system to calm nerves in anxious situations like vet visits, during fireworks & lightning and with unfamiliar guests. The Calming Bites also help with separation, restlessness and teething.

Take a look at the rich nutritional profile and you will discover the same human grade ingredients that you demand for your own health.

• Organic Hemp (250mg/serving): a soothing and relaxing high-mineral fiber.

• Organic Chamomile (150mg/serving): a naturally calming daisy-like herb.

• Passion Flower (50mg/serving): used by Native Americans to naturally ease nerves.

Plus these fruits and vegetables…

• Apples provide powerful antioxidants plus Vitamin A & Vitamin C.

• Carrots add fiber and a significant source of Vitamin A & Potassium.

• Baobab offers the highest antioxidant content of any fruit in the world.

Petipet is a group of pet parents who believe that our furry family members deserve the same quality ingredients that we demand in our own diets, that’s why we make our Calming Bites in FDA approved, food-grade facilities with only the best ingredients. If you love your dog, you will love these great tasting daily treats (with no preservatives or harsh chemicals). Get yours and enjoy peaceful road trips, better night’s sleep, as well as less barking, less chewing, less scratching and less destruction.
THE HUMAN-GRADE DAILY TREAT: A unique blend of the same honest full-bodied herbs, vegetables, and fruits that you demand for your diet; these daily treats work with your pup’s system to stimulate their own natural calming chemicals, so your best friend can enjoy a refreshingly peaceful feeling, while you enjoy the peace of mind that daily use is healthy and gentle (even on tender tummies).
STRESS-BUSTING BITES: Happy customers are reporting that this is “the best thing we ever did for our dog”, that it “takes the edge off” without knocking them out; these Dog Calming Bites are perfect for vet visits, during fireworks, lightening, or with unfamiliar guests; the gentle herbal blend uses real “Human Grade” nutrients to keep your pup relaxed, without being “drugged” or sluggish.
ORGANIC DOG ANXIETY RELIEF: This Stress Solution uses only natural anxiety reducing herbs, fruits, and vegetables for a wholesome & safe supplement that will help with separation, restlessness, teething; and will make your pup less anxious, less irritable, less aggressive and finally able to socialize with other dogs, all without medical sedation.
TASTY CALMING BITES: Even fussy dogs gobble down these zesty mouthwatering bars, and regular use calms even the most rowdy dog to take away “the shakes” and bring peace back to your house.
BEDTIME BITES: Petipet Calming Bite are a great before bedtime snack for nighttime restlessness – and a natural alternative to medication – so you and your pet can enjoy fewer nightmares and a more peaceful night’s rest.