Bird Sexing DNA Sample Collection Kit. Gender reveal Test for Parrots, Lovebirds, Cockatoos, African Grey, Cockatiels, Parakeets (+300 Psittacines) Avian Sexing DNA Testing Sample Collection Kit Price: $16.00 (as of 17/05/2019 05:24 PST- Details)

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Our DNA Kit for Psittacines will help you to reveal the gender of your ParrotAgapornisCockatoo and more than 300 species in an accurate and fast way. 

  • Specially designed for individual owners. 
  • If you need more than 1 Test, you can buy our 5 or 10 Tests specially designed for Breeders. 
  • Inside the box you will find all that you need to take the samples.
  • Samples can be feathers, blood or even eggshell, but must contain fresh biological material. 
  • Three or four feathers will suffice as long as it contains some blood at the tip of the barrel. 
  • As for blood, 3 drops in a paper would suffice. 
  • If you choose to send eggshell, it is best to include everything you can in an airtight pouch.
  • The cost of sending samples to our laboratory in Spain is not included but the samples can be in a standard envelope with a basic national postage. 
  • Once the samples have arrived at the laboratory, you will be notified, and in about 72 hours
  • At all times you will have access to your personal area to know the status of your order, the result and the printing of the Certificate with the identification of the bird, species, originator, result of the analysis and other information. 
  • The Certificate of Results is totally free.

EXPRESS KIT at no extra cost – Are you in a hurry to get your results? Please contact us.
RESULTS IN 72 HOURS – From when the samples arrive at our laboratory.
FREE DELIVERY to the United State & Certificate Included (PDF)
FREE REPEAT – If the samples are not valid, send samples again at no extra cost.
99.99% ACCURACY – We use the PCR technique for testing, which is the most reliable and accurate.

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